Just Ageless Inhalation Pen

Just Ageless Inhalation Pen


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The Just Ageless Inhalation Pen is made with pure, organic hemp oil blended with organic MCT oil + terpenes (organic hydrocarbons) that are commonly described as essential oils.

This airy and fresh inhalation pen is clinically proven to reduce feelings of anxiety + stress, promote clear thinking, decrease inflammation, ease bodily aches + pains, and promote deep sleep—even for those who battle with insomnia and sleep apnea. Hemp oil is non-psychoactive and will keep you feeling alert and present at all times. 

One to two inhales to connect back into your body (or to release baseline stress).

Three to four inhales for deep relaxation. 

300mg/.5ml | 50 Doses
Each inhalation delivers roughly 6mg of Hemp Oil

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